September 14, 2023

AI for Sales: 8 Experts Strategies for Success

how to use ai for sales

Below are some of the common and most useful categories of sales tools that empower sales teams to manage their processes better. According to HubSpot’s report, sales professionals harness the power of AI for automating manual tasks (35%), gaining data-driven insights (34%), and crafting prospect outreach messages (31%). There’s also data that says among sales professionals utilizing AI, a remarkable 85% attest that it enhances their prospecting endeavors. This translates into more time devoted to selling (79%) and a faster establishment of rapport (72%).

how to use ai for sales

Though more and more companies are applying sophisticated technology to sales processes, research suggests that most aren’t using it effectively (and some don’t even use it at all). Even customer-relationship-management systems, which digitally savvy sales organizations have had in place for decades, aren’t being fully taken advantage of. With over 15 years of sales operations experience, Carol Liao has a proven track record of collaborating with sales teams. Carol leverages her deep understanding of the Salesforce platform, sales processes, and tools to implement solutions that drive results.

Boost in B2B sales:

AI coupled with company-specific data and context has enabled consumer insights at the most granular level, allowing B2C lever personalization through targeted marketing and sales offerings. Winning B2B how to use ai for sales companies go beyond account-based marketing and disproportionately use hyper-personalization in their outreach. AI is one of the latest technologies that’s making a big impact on the world of sales.

  • You can define the parameters of forecasting big and small businesses that are very informative for every businessman.
  • FMs are pre-trained on massive datasets and the algorithms they support are adaptable to a wide variety of downstream tasks, including content generation.
  • In conclusion, the role of AI in customer service is crucial for businesses looking to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and provide personalized experiences to their customers.
  • Some prospective or existing customers may feel they’re interacting with AI-driven systems.
  • Despite being an integral part of the job, many sales managers don’t have enough time to coach their reps. As a result, sales reps lean on pitches that fall short – until now.

Drift helps you identify which accounts you should prioritize by collecting buying signals from your contacts in your tech stack and using this information to calculate an AI-powered engagement score. This way, sales reps can gain insights into which accounts they should focus on the most. As you’ve seen, there is no one way of using artificial intelligence in your sales processes. Odds are you’re already doing so with one or more tools in your sales tech stack. If you’re looking to level up your sales team’s performance, turn to artificial intelligence.

Be more productive with Sales AI for sales

With Gong, sales teams can get AI-backed insights and recommendations to close deals and forecast effectively. Apollo is a sales intelligence platform with a massive database of over 60 million companies and 260 million contacts. Sales teams use this platform to not only get their hands on information about their potential customers but also connect with them. Although most sales reps follow best practices and periodically run sales forecasts, recent data has found that the majority of sales reps inaccurately forecast their pipeline.

how to use ai for sales

The process of cold outreach is arduous, and it requires patience and extreme attention to detail. AI will allow sales teams to bypass this process, leveraging AI to fill the funnels and then allowing their sales team to come in and close. That will be the biggest benefit of AI in sales, for at least the immediate future.

By doing so, you can refine your strategies and priorities based on data-led forecasting, ensuring you bring more predictability to your sales forecast. For salespeople, it is a challenging job to find a prospective customer’s contact details or prioritize the right prospect or contact based on business needs. Connect with the leading CSOs and sales leaders to get the latest insights on sales technology, sales enablement and more. Traditionally, AI was dominated by rule-based systems, but as it evolved to tackle more complex problems, machine learning (ML) developed. The Gartner 2021 CSO Priorities Pulse Survey reveals that 88% of chief sales officers (CSOs) have already invested in or are considering investing in AI analytics tools and technologies.

how to use ai for sales

This is done using software tools that house trainable algorithms that process large datasets. AI tools are designed to help teams save time and sell more efficiently. Beyond the sales process, generative AI can help sales managers gain real-time insights into effective strategies, forecast revenue, and give feedback to improve a sales team’s performance. 53% of salespeople use AI/automation use tools that offer data-driven insights, which includes lead scoring tools. They also report these tools are the second-most effective tool at helping them reach their goals (for B2B and B2C salespeople alike). Many salespeople today are struggling; only 57% of them make their annual quotas, surveys show.

There are many more use cases, but those are some of our customers’ favorites. Every sales user can benefit from AI’s ability to provide insights, recommendations, predictions, and focus. The end result is increased sales productivity at every level — and more productivity means more revenue growth. The IT department created a comprehensive list of all software, platforms, and tools currently in use.

how to use ai for sales

AI gives companies and their sales teams access to various advanced features and strategies to help them stay ahead of the curve. And to help you make the most of them, we gathered ten experts from industry frontrunners to share their most effective tips and strategies. Stay tuned as we discuss the place of predictive, adaptive, and conversational AI in our rapidly evolving sales industry. Sales reps can spend huge parts of their day generating, pulling, and analyzing data — and with so much to look at, it’s easy to miss big-win deal opportunities. Even better, it adapts to changing deals and customer information in real time, helping you modify your sales approach to what works in the moment.

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